About the Course

All businesses have obligations under the Bribery Act 2010. As an employer, you can be liable for the actions of your employees and should ensure that your employees are aware of their obligations under the Bribery Act.

This e-learning course is aimed at managers, supervisors and any employee in a role that could be susceptible to bribery. This includes any cash handling/processing role, sales role or procurement roles.

The objectives of the course are to ensure your employees:

  • Are aware of the law.
  • Understand their responsibilities.
  • Know what Bribery is.
  • Know when to flag up a risk or concern to their manager.

The benefits of the course are

  • To show that you have made your employees aware of their responsibilities.
  • To minimise the risk of Bribery taking place and reduce the risk to your business of Civil and Criminal penalties.
  • To help establish the reasonably practicable steps defence if Bribery does take place.

About ARM

ARM stands for Affordable Risk Management. ARM has a suite of products created by PJH Law Services Limited, a Company owned by  PJH Law Solicitors, an award winning firm of employment lawyers based in Stamford.

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